BWS Status Web API

GET https://{bws-instance}

Requests some status information from a BWS installation.

Request Information


The API has no parameters. It is a simple HTTP GET request without additional arguments.


This API call requires Basic Authentication, i.e. you have to provide an HTTP authorization header using the authorization method Basic and the base64 encoded string App-ID:App-Secret (therefore the transport is secured using TLS/SSL). To receive the necessary BWS Web API access data (App-ID and App-Secret) you have to register your application on the BWS Management Portal first. This requires a valid BWS subscription.

Response Information

The Status Web API returns a StatusResult object, containing information about the running BWS installation, like the BWS product Version or the BWS deployment Label. Finally it contains a list of Features your client application can use.

Response Body

Exemplary Status response:
  "Version": "2.2",
  "Label": "BWS 2.2.17079.1",
  "Features": [
    {"Name": "QualityCheck", "Traits": "Face,Periocular,Voice"},
    {"Name": "LiveDetection","Traits": "Face,Periocular"},
    {"Name": "Enrollment", "Traits": "Face,Periocular,Voice", "Storage": "bws", "Partitions": "112"},
    {"Name": "Verification", "Traits": "Face,Periocular,Voice", "Storage": "bws", "Partitions": "112"},
    {"Name": "Identification", "Traits": "Face,Periocular,Voice", "Storage": "bws", "Partitions": "112"}
Exemplary Status response:
<StatusResult xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <Label>BWS 2.2.17079.1</Label>

Response HTTP Status Codes

The call returns one of the standard HTTP status codes. With the success code (200) you receive the SatusResult object in the body text. With erroneous codes you typically get a Message field within the body text describing the error. The most commonly returned codes are:

200 OK
The response body contains the StatusResult object.
401 Unauthorized:
No or an invalid authentication header has been specified. This call requires Basic Authentication.
403 Forbidden:
Access has been denied (typically due to a wrong or invalid app-id).
500 Internal Server Error:
A server side exception occurred.