Welcome to the BioID Playground

This is a new, lightweight version of our BioID playground web site. It is mainly used to demonstrate the features of our BioID Web Service (BWS). If you are looking for the BWS reference or other documentation, please have a look at the developer site, whereto we moved most of our documentation. If you are looking for the BWS Portal, it has a new home now, please proceed to BWS Portal directly.

BioID Playground requires you to sign in

To perform biometric operations on the playground first you have to

Sign in or register

Registration is needed to create storage for your biometric template so you can be recognized on subsequent visits to this site. There is no need to use personal information for registration but you may supply a valid email address, e.g. for the password reset procedure. You can also enter fake data if you like to stay anonymous.

Your templates and samples as well as all other account information will be removed if you don't login into our site for a specific time (you get a reminder email before your account is deleted) or if you follow the account removal link on your BioID account.