BioID - Face and Voice Recognition

Welcome to the BioID Playground

Here you can create a BioID Identity for your personal use. Continue with Sign in and select your preferred identity provider like Google, Facebook etc. to access the service. No further registration is needed!

After Sign in you can continue with the enrollment of your identity. A unique ID will be assigned to your BioID Web Service (BWS) user account. This Biometric Class ID (BCID) will be used to link your account to your biometric data. The BCID and your biometric data will be deleted if your account is inactive for more than 90 days!

If you sign in subsequently using different identity providers, e.g. first with MyBioID and then with your Facebook account, you will create two different BCIDs and have to perform a new enrollment for the second identity.

The BioID Playground is meant as a test bed for the BioID Web Service, a collection of simple API calls enhancing existing systems with powerful biometrics (face recognition and voice recognition). Visit the BioID Cloud Service page for a short introduction to the service or proceed to the API Documentation to learn more about the technical details, e.g. for our Face Recognition Web Service.

To request an API key, please fill out the BWS Trial Instance Requisition Form.